Patching ffmpeg-php 0.6.0 – Broken toGDImage();

After losing gallons of sweat trying to finally get your ffmpeg-php up and running, you try the toGDImage() method and the veins on your head start to pop!

PHP Fatal error:  failed to convert frame to gd image in file.php on line #


Ok, chill, take a deep breath, this can be fixed in no time!

Download this patch into your ffmpeg-php source dir, run patch, re-make and re-install your ffmpeg-php, et voila!

Here’s the command list:

cd /path/to/ffmpeg-php-0.6.0
patch -p0 ffmpeg_frame.c < ffmpeg_frame.c.patch
make clean && make && make install

Now restart apache or run your cli script .


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