Curium masternode setup – Upgrade from 1k to 10k

On May 12th 2018, the Curium team released a new version of the wallet and with it came the long awaited collateral change from 1000 to 10000 CRU. This guide will explain how you can upgrade your 1k masternode to a 10k masternode.

I’m expecting you already have a working masternode and have at least 10001 CRU available to you. If not, buy some over at or graviex and sent them to one of your wallet addresses. (It doesn’t matter which address, since we’re going to use a new address for the 10k collateral.)

This guide will not be as detailed as previous guides. If you want to know specifics about some parts, please check this guide.

Client side upgrade

Download the new wallet (here). If you have the Windows client opened, close the application completely. Extract the zip file somewhere, you’ll end up with a folder called “curium-1.2.2”. In it, there’s a “bin”, “lib” and “include” folder. Copy the “data” folder from your old client into the “curium-1.2.2” folder.

Start the new client in the “bin” folder: curium-qt.exe

It will ask a data location, choose “custom” and enter the complete location to your “data” folder. (for example: C:\Users\Mark\Desktop\curium-1.2.2\data) Now press “OK”.

The wallet is being loaded.

(Don’t panic, at first it might look like all your CRU’s are gone, but it’s not. You need to download the complete blockchain again, so the client doesn’t know about your transactions until it downloaded the blocks with your transactions in it.)

Wait until the wallet it completely synchronized before continuing.

Unlock locked coins

Make sure you unlock all your coins before you try to send 10000 CRU to the new address, you can do this by first enabling coin control, via:

Then, in the “Send” tab, click the “Inputs…” button, you’ll see a screen such as:

Make sure, you set the view to “List mode”. Then right click all the locks, and choose “Unlock unspent”:

Do this for all locked amounts.

Create new collateral address

Go to:

Tools -> Debug console

Create a new wallet address to hold the 10k collateral (for example):

getnewaddress "MN10K"

Send exactly 10000 CRU (ten thousand) collateral to the address you’ve just created and wait for at least 15 confirmations before you continue(Take into consideration that you’re paying a small fee, so make sure you send enough CRU in total to pay the fee and still have exactly 10000 CRU left, the application calculates that for you if you just make a 10000 CRU transfer.)

Configure masternode config

Generate a new masternode private key:

masternode genkey

Copy it, and save for later.

Then, check the outputs with:

masternode outputs

There should be a new output line created at the end, if not do what’s described here.

Open your masternode.conf file, remove everything in it and create a new line with the information you received from previous steps:

MN10K VpsIp:9999 MasterNodePrivKey TxID OutputId

Save the file, close it and restart your application.

Server side upgrade

Login to your VPS, become the curium user, stop all curium daemon(s), download the new wallet (here), extract the wallet to some folder and start compiling and finally installing.  The following example only stops one curium daemon, if you run multiple, stop all and remove those. You only need one main folder, the “.curium” folder in your home directory.

su - curium
curium-cli stop
tar zxf v1.2.2.tar.gz
cd curium-1.2.2
chmod +x share/ src/leveldb/build_detect_platform
./configure --prefix=$HOME --disable-tests --disable-gui
make install

Delete all files and folders in your .curium folder EXCEPT curium.conf.

Open .curium/curium.conf and change the “masterprivkey” value to the new masternode private you you generate during the client setup. Save the file, close it and start the daemon with:


Wait until the client is completely in sync (see curium-cli getinfo).

Go to your application, the masternode tab and press the button “Start alias”.

Your new masternode will jump into PRE_ENABLED state, which is good. Other Masternodes will ping your node, when connectivity is good, it’ll change to ENABLED, if not, MISSING. This can take up to 30-45mins.

For more detailed information about certain steps, please check my full guide:

Curium masternode setup – Cold wallet Windows and Linux


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