Curium Coin Swap

The Curium decided to do a coin swap and move away from PoW to PoS based on PIVX coin. This short guide will explain how this procedure works and what you need to do to swap your coins.


First, let’s see where your coins are:

My coins are on an exchange

Depending on the exchange your coins are, this is what you need to do:

  • Graviex: We’re trying to see if they will do it automatically.
  • stocks.ExchangeManually, first transfer your coins to your local wallet.
  • South Exchange: We’re trying to see if they will do it automatically.
  • CryptoHub: We’re trying to see if they will do it automatically.

If you don’t want to wait, transfer your coins to your local (old) wallet and continue reading.

My coins are in my wallet

You’ll start by downloading the new wallet here and extract it. It will create a “curium-1.0.0” folder. Start the wallet and the default data directory.

After the wallet has started, go to:

File -> Receive addresses..

Give the address a proper label, like “CoinSwap” by double clicking the “(no label)”. Copy the address and save it for later.

Now we need to give this address to the Curium team, so they know where to send the new coins to. This can be done by filling in a short Google form, which is located here: Go there, fill in the form and in the “Your new address” field, you fill in the address of your new wallet. (The new address starts with an “R”)

You’ll receive an email. This email will contain an address where you need to send your old coins to. Use your old wallet to send all your curium coins to the address specified in your email. If you’re a masternode owner, read the next part before you send your coins.

I am a Masternode owner

Before you can send the old coins to the address in the email, you need to unlock your collateral coins first. First stop your masternode(s) on your VPS by stopping the daemon.

curium-cli stop

Then make sure “Enable coin control features” is checked. Go to:

Settings -> Options

Then, go to the “Send” tab and click the “Inputs…” button, click the “list mode” radio button. Now right mouse click on all locks, and click “Unlock unspent”.

When you’ve unlocked all your coins, you can continue with sending the coins to the address specified in the email.


So, you’ve created a new wallet address, filled in the form, unlocked all your coins and send them away. Now you need to wait until the coins are swapped and have arrived in your new wallet. As soon as that has happened, you can start setting up a new masternode (with 10.000 CRU collateral) or stake your coins for rewards. Your old masternodes can be cleaned up or destroyed, whatever you prefer.


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Thank you!

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